TalTech is the most innovative university in Estonia. This is confirmed by the reputation survey of Estonian universities, according to which the Tallinn University of Technology is known for its new and digital technologies. Our curricula are regularly updated to meet the needs of the labor market and strong private sector practitioners are involved. TalTech’ s learning environment is also constantly evolving – several laboratories have been renovated and more and more teaching is done via e-channels. At TalTech, engineering and IT go hand in hand. This is reflected in the curricula combining the fields. Engineers who have graduated from TalTech have created significant solutions for Estonia. This practical contribution will continue, becoming increasingly intelligent in the future. We do real things that are created from scratch on the spot, like I see auto, the first self-driving car in Estonia, smart road cover, or smart elevator. TalTech is also becoming a modern digital campus that offers wide opportunities for smart city development and is a testing ground for Estonian companies to test their solutions. TalTech is managed in a modern manner.

Our goal is to pay more attention to maintaining and developing our management quality. In recent years, a number of executives and professionals with both private and public sector experience have joined us.

Over the past few years, we have fundamentally changed the structure of the university, making the work of schools and departments more efficient and concentrated. We are also digitizing the processes at the university with the initiative of TalTech Digital, linking digitalization to teaching. TalTech is the most international university in Estonia.

For more information see: https://taltech.ee/en