The Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Agency is a testing agency established in 2014 to support related parts manufacturers and research institutes developing next-generation automobile technologies. Considering that the development of next-generation vehicles, such as intelligent vehicles centered on self-driving cars and green cars such as electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, is the main activity of automobile-related companies, next-generation vehicle technology development can be smoothly carried out within the region. We are equipped with real-vehicle evaluation and test facilities to meet the needs of companies and research institutes.

We have facilities and test personnel to enable vehicle driving tests under various conditions, such as high-speed main circuits and general-purpose test tracks, and target tests such as chassis dynamo and impact durability test equipment. In particular, we are building a system such as a test road that can conduct various intelligent driving tests and related tests using the wireless communication network (WAVE). We are equipped with a support system to respond to the development of various next-generation automobiles by automobile-related companies and research institutes in the region, and plan to continuously reinforce the support system in line with changes in market conditions in the future.

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