Automotive Cyber Security Practice Report: An Overview of Tools, Procedures, Testing Methods, and Regulations

The UNECE’s regulations R.155 and R.156 recently demand the management of cyber security risks in vehicle design and that the effectiveness of these measures is verified by testing. This mandates the introduction of automated and reproducible cybersecurity testing in automotive development processes. UNECE R.155 and its associated standard, ISO/SAE 21434, provide guidance for the implementation of a cyber security risk management system in automotive, however, there is a need for detailed implementation procedures regarding testing processes and methods in the development part of the life cycle. This report analyzes current developments in vehicular cyber security standards, regulations and recommendations, and evaluates currently used processes and tools at automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

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A Comprehensive Approach for the Validation of Virtual Testing Toolchains

In this International Alliance for Mobility Testing and Standardization™ Best Practice, a comprehensive approach for validating simulation is explained. Making simulation accessible, for the validation/homologation of ADAS/AD systems, this large number of driving tasks can be handled.