ASAM e.V. (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) actively promotes standardization within the Automotive Industry. Together with its more than 400 member companies worldwide, the association develops standards that define protocols, interfaces and data models for tools used for the development and testing of electronic control units (ECUs) and for the validation of the entire vehicle. ASAM standards are applied internationally with the purpose to enable easy integration of tools into existing value chains and to enable a seamless data exchange.

In the past years, ASAM has established a very active community in the area of highly automated driving. Technical experts from ASAM member companies worldwide are working together to (further) develop the so called ASAM OpenX® standards for the validation of ADAS and AD functions: ASAM OpenDRIVE®, ASAM OpenCRG® and ASAM OpenSCENARIO® describe static road networks as well as dynamic driving scenarios for use in driving and traffic simulators. ASAM OSI® is a generic interface that allows easy interconnection of the many driving simulation frameworks. ASAM OpenLABEL® is the world's first standard for annotating multi-sensor data and scenarios. Finally, ASAM OpenODD® is the latest initiative and currently under development. The ASAM OpenODD® concept proposes to specify a language concept as well as a machine-readable format that allows users to exchange, compare, and reuse Operational Design Domain (ODD) definitions. ASAM OpenODD is a safety standard for autonomous vehicles and will allow testing of road readiness.

The collaborative approach of ASAM’s standardization process enables the high quality level and industry-wide acceptance of ASAM standards. ASAM, on the other hand, ensures their independent, long-term development and maintenance in a professional setting.